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My name is Leanne Yau, and I am an audiobook narrator and voice actor.

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“You are amazing! We need talent like yours.” – Denis Daly, CEO of Voices of Today

“You have a great gift for storytelling.” – Maggie Jeffrey, author of The Colour Fairies series

Frankly, you are helping me fall in love with my own work again.  Thank you…I am getting to experience it all over again in a fresh way. – Daniel Jeffries, author of The Jasmine Wars: Wheel of Fire

“I absolutely love your voice!  You are such a talented storyteller!  Your voices and acting are phenomenal!  I am super excited to have someone as talented as yourself narrating the book!” – Hiram J. Bertoch, bestselling author

My children love your reading!  They listened to it last night, and are now listening to it again tonight.  They have Amazon Echos in their bedrooms and get to pick a story each night.  The story they are picking, by choice, is yours. – Hiram J. Bertoch, bestselling author

Leanne Yau is equally as skilled with narrating the story, actions and events as with breathing life and personality into the characters giving each unique voice. – The Jasmine Wars review

I couldn’t fault this. Leanne’s work was beautiful. – The Jasmine Wars review

Leanne Yau has a beautiful voice. I love her accent and she narrates flawlessly. Her pace is perfect and easy to follow and the characters are all distinct. An overall wonderful listen. – Just Like in the Movies review

The narrator is very fluid and has mastered many characters, and is able to articulate and emote various sentiments as called for in the text. Very well done .- Just Like in the Movies review

Leanne Yau is a very talented narrator. Her performance was flawless. I can’t imagine it being any better. – Threads of Silk review

[Leanne] has a great voice for the children’s stories. She had good voice inflections that’ll keep children interested ranging from the screeching Queen mouse to whispering. Cute. – Godfather Drosselmeyer review

Leanne Yau does an outstanding job with the narration. She makes these stories a really cute listen. – Pansy and Violet Meet the Dragons review

I really enjoy listening to your readings. I find your voice and accent absolutely intoxicating. I am in fact in love with your voice. :D Please continue to keep reading so I may keep listening. A very sincere thank you for all your hard work in everything. You have a real gift for this art form. Please continue to share it with the world! – Librivox user

“It’s such a strange and amazing thing to hear one’s carefully written words read aloud, and I feel like I’ve been given a special gift to have one such as you bring my words to life. Thank you for your wonderful work, from the bottom of my heart.” – writer

“You could read the back of a cereal box and I would listen.” – reviewer

“I’m in love with your reading, and I will now download every freaking thing of yours I can get my hands on! You are a divine gift.” – reviewer

“You have a wonderful way of expressing the emotions of the characters as you read.” – reviewer

“It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’m in love with your voice. Marry me?” – reviewer