‘The Unexplored Ibsen’ by Henrik Ibsen

Norma is a satirical opera published anonymously in the literary magazine Andhrimner in 1851. The play was designed as a dramatic parody of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera Norma, in which the characters are portrayed as central figures in the political life of contemporary Norway. St. John’s Night is a fairy-tale comedy that takes place during a midsummer feast on a farm […]

‘An Ideal Husband’ by Oscar Wilde

The “Ideal Husband” of the title is Sir Robert Chiltern, with his equally upright wife Lady Chiltern. He has never committed a crime, never had a “past” and never bowed to corruption or influence, or so she thinks… The disreputable Mrs Cheveley is about to appear and try her hand at both politics and blackmail […]

‘Every Man In His Humour’ by Ben Jonson

Knowell, an old man – rumor says Shakespeare originally played this part – tries to spy upon the doings of his potentially wayward son. Meanwhile, Kitely, a merchant, worries so much about being cuckolded by his wife that perhaps it has to happen. All this while a swarm of other interesting characters surround them. I […]

‘The Funeral: or Grief A-La-Mode’ by Richard Steele

The Funeral: or, Grief à-la-Mode, a Comedy, was written in the summer of 1701, and given to Christopher Rich, of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in October. Soon afterwards it was acted, and it was published by Jacob Tonson between December 18 and 20, with the date 1702 on the title-page. The music to the […]