‘Charley’s Aunt’ by Brandon Thomas

The girlfriends are coming to visit the chaps at college, but of course they can’t stay unless there is a proper chaperone. So what could be more reasonable that getting a friend from the Drama Club to dress up and pretend to be Charley’s Aunt? Simple and sure to work! What could go wrong? Howsabout […]

‘The Devil is an Ass’ by Ben Jonson

An inferior devil, Pug, asks Satan to send him to Earth to tempt men to Evil. But when Pug arrives in 1616 London and sets himself at the Squire Fabian Fitzdottrel, he finds Fabian currently beset by con men, cheats, connivers, thieves, villains, and seductresses – a delightful mix of cunning criminality in a world […]

‘The Impostures of Scapin’ by Moliere

Scapin is a liar, a schemer, an arrogant meddler who thinks he can make people do anything. And yet sometimes he acts in the cause of good. Here he attempts to help out some secret lovers whose parents would prefer they don’t marry. I play Hyacintha, daughter to Géronte. The Impostures of Scapin by Moliere

‘Rollo’s Wild Oat’ by Clare Kummer

Rollo Webster, slightly eccentric, has a consuming ambition to play Hamlet. Escaping the restraining influences of his family, he spends his own money in engaging a company, hiring a theater and staging a production of the tragedy. His Ophelia is Goldie MacDuff, who would have been a success in a midnight frolic if she could […]

‘The Parson’s Wedding’ by Thomas Killigrew

Often considered Killigrew’s best play, this is a comedy with a bawdy tone where people flirt, trick each other and everyone else. It was the first play in England to be performed with an all female crew. I play Lady Love-All. The Parson’s Wedding by Thomas Killigrew