‘The Betrothed’ by Alessandro Manzoni

One of the most famous Italian books in history, The Betrothed was written by Alessandro Manzoni in 1827. The two main characters, Renzo and Lucy, are engaged to be married when Lucy tragically disappears. Little does Renzo know that Lucy has been kidnapped by a criminal, The Unnamed, feared by all the people of Northern […]

‘The Love-Tiff’ by Moliere

The characters are well delineated, and fathers, lovers, mistresses, and servants all move about amidst a complication of errors from which there is no visible disentangling. The conversation between Valère and Ascanio in man’s clothes, the mutual begging pardon of Albert and Polydore, the natural astonishment of Lucile, accused in the presence of her father, […]

‘The Teacup Club’ by Eliza Armstrong

The Teacup Club (For the Advancement of Woman) is formed when Dorothy decides to found an intellectual club of her own – to teach her fiance a lesson! The club’s discussion topics (official) includes Theosophy, Politics and Women in Legislature. The club’s unofficial topics include Emily’s new dress, man-flu (it’s causes and cures) and the […]

‘The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 4 (Part 1)’ by Various

The fourth of ten volumes of poetry edited by Canadian poet laureate Bliss Carman (1861-1929). This collection, the first of two parts, includes many notable religious and devotional poems and hymns from across the centuries, covering subjects such as God; Christ; the Holy Spirit; prayer and aspiration; faith; hope; love; service; the Sabbath; worship; and […]

‘Love’s Widowhood’ by Alfred Austin

The opening poem is a tender meditation on the grief of a woman who has lost a child.  Although the verbiage is rather dated, the writing is capable and free from the infelicities which marred some of Austin’s more famous poems. I play the Widow, one of two voices in this audiobook. Love’s Widowhood by Alfred […]