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26/06/16: The Constant Couple by George Farquhar – I play Tom Errand’s wife.

16/09/16: Rilla of Ingleside by Lucy Maud Montgomery – I played multiple roles in this: Bruce Meredith, Bessie Clow, Sarah Clow, and Mrs. Dean Crawford. | sample

21/09/16: The Witch of Edmonton by Thomas Dekker, William Rowley, and John Ford – I played the 3rd Countryman and the 3rd Clown.

27/10/16: Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott – I played Mamie Peters and Horace.

25/11/16: The Story of the Armada by Amice MacDonell – I played the 1st Conspirator.

01/01/17: A Kiss for Cinderella by J. M. Barrie – I played Gladys and Ellen.

21/01/17: Little Dramas for Primary Grades by Ada M. Skinner and Lillian Nixon Lawrence – I played Bunny Rabbit, Bird, Fox, Gretchen, Lady Moon, Magpie, Violet, Boastful Bamboo, Sparrow, and Lion. | sample

02/02/17: Sir Harry Wildair by George Farquhar – I played Parly, a maid. | sample

07/02/17: The Bourgeois Gentleman by Molièr – I played The Music Master. | sample

27/02/17: Catherine Howard by Alexandre Dumas – I played Princess Margaret, sister to the King.

27/02/17: All For Love; or, The World Well Lost by John Dryden – I played Charmion, servant to Cleopatra.

02/03/17: The Knight of the Burning Pestle by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher – I played the Tapster and the 2nd Soldier.

02/03/17: Dramatised Bible Stories of the Old Testament King James Version – I played the Children of Belial.

07/03/17: One Act Play Collection 009 – I played Mrs. Edward Bradley in ‘The Fatal Message’ and Jennie in ‘A Dramatic Evening’.

19/03/17: The Magistrate by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Charlotte Verrinder. | sample

20/03/17: Rainbow Valley by Lucy Maud Montgomery – I play Aunt Martha, Rosemary West, and Choir Member 1. | sample

27/03/17: Secresy, or, the Ruin on the Rock by Eliza Fenwick – I play Janetta Laundy. | sample

07/04/17: Rainy Week by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott – I play Victoria Meredith. | sample

07/05/17: The Columbian Orator by Caleb Bingham – I play Francisco.

09/05/17: The School for Husbands by Moliere – I play Leonor. | sample

23/05/17: The School for Wives by Moliere – I play Agnes. | sample

28/05/17: The Broken Heart by John Ford – I play Philema.

31/05/17: The Castle Spectre by Matthew Lewis – I play Angela.

07/06/17: The String of Pearls by Unknown – I play the Lapidary, Maiden, Stranger, and Messenger

07/06/17: Quality Street by J. M. Barrie – I play Susan Throssel, sister to Phoebe.| sample

10/06/17: The Family of Love by Thomas Middleton – I play Mistress Purge.

18/06/17: Paul Jones by Alexandre Dumas – I played Margaret. | sample

18/06/17: The Inconstant by George Farquhar – I play Oriana. | sample

23/06/17: The Far-Away Princess by Hermann Sudermann – I play Liddy.

24/06/17: The Princess Zoubaroff by Ronald Firbank – I play Glyda Rocktower.

07/07/17: The Impromptu of Versailles by Moliere – I play Madamoiselle Herve, a conceited chambermaid.

20/07/17: The Phoenix and The Carpet by E. Nesbit – I play Miss Peasmarsh, Crowd, Islander, and Miss Selina.

23/07/17: The Schoolmistress by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Dinah.

29/07/17: The Misanthrope by Moliere – I play Celimene. | sample 1 | sample 2

18/09/17: Ben Hur by Lew Wallace – I play the Roman Neighbour and Caius.

20/09/17: Lysistrata by Aristophanes – I play Calonicé and the First Woman.| sample

21/09/17: Oroonoko by Thomas Southerne – I play Widow Lackitt.| sample

22/09/17: Mademoiselle de Belle Isle by Alexandre Dumas – I play Mariette, a maid. | sample

29/09/17: Dandy Dick by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Salome. | sample

06/10/17: The Physician in Spite of Himself by Moliere – I play Lucinde. | sample

05/11/17: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens – I play a Citizen.

15/11/17: The Second Mrs Tanqueray by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Ellean Tanqueray.

25/11/17: Love and a Bottle by George Farquhar – I play Lucinda, a Lady of considerable Fortune.

29/11/17: The Enterprise of the Mayflower by Amice Macdonnell – I play Mistress Mary Brewster.

09/12/17: Caliban by the Yellow Sands by Percy Mackaye – I play Death, Mrs. Ford, The Boy, Eros, and Jacques.

23/12/17: Little Men by Louisa May Alcott – I play one of the lead characters, Emil.

03/01/17: What Katy Did at School by Susan Coolidge – I play Alice Gibbons and Annie Silsbie.

06/01/17: Love is the Best Doctor by Moliere – I play Lucretia, Sganarelle’s niece.


10/03/16: Miscellaneous Poems by James Russell Lowell – I read ‘On the Death of a Friend’s Child’, a very sad yet hopeful poem. | sample

18/04/16: Shakespeare Monologues Collection Vol.12 by William Shakespeare – I performed 2 monologues from Hamlet: Hamlet’s ‘O what a rogue and peasant slave am I’ and Ophelia’s ‘O my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted’.

14/05/16: Stories of Troubled Marriages by Ella Darcy – I read ‘A Poor Stick’ by Arthur Morrison. | sample

30/06/16: Einige Gedichte by Friedrich Schiller – I read ‘Das Geheimnis’, or ‘The Secret’. | sample

08/07/16: Shakespeare Monologues Collection Vol.13 by William Shakespeare – I contributed 3 monologues from Hamlet: Hamlet’s ‘O, that this too too solid flesh would melt’, Hamlet’s ‘Now might I do it pat, now he is praying’, and Claudius’ ‘O my offence is rank, it smells to heaven’.

12/04/17: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 2 (Part 2) by Various

14/05/17: The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 1 (Part 1) by Various

31/05/17: The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 1 (Part 2) by Various

28/07/17: The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 5 (Part 1) by Various

13/08/17: Leonorenlieder by Johann Christian Günther | sample

13/09/17: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 5 (Part 2) by Various

14/11/17: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 6 (Part 1) by Various

20/04/16: Twelve Angry Pigs by Wade Bradford – I played Pig #6.

30/04/16: St. Valentine’s Day by Annie Elliot – I narrated the stage directions. | sample

06/05/16: Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg – I narrated the stage directions. | sample

04/07/16: Q – A Farce by Stephen Leacock and Basil Hastings – I narrated the stage directions. | sample

19/09/16: Fourth Act by Basil Macdonald Hastings – I played one of Philip’s Boys.

23/09/16: In Merry Mexico by Stephen Leacock – I played the Assistant.

14/11/16: King Arthur’s Socks by Floyd Dell – I played Mary, a housemaid. | sample

03/12/16: The Gentle Art of Christmas Giving by Joyce Kilmer – I played the Infant.

04/12/16: Love’s Labours Lost by William Shakespeare – I played Boy/Moth, Armado’s page, and also sing the Final Song: Winter. | sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3 | sample 4

11/12/16: As You Like It by William Shakespeare – I played Amiens, a lord. | sample 1 | sample 2

24/02/17: Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare – I sing ‘Pardon, Goddess of the Night’. | sample

12/06/17: Tobermory by Saki – I play Miss Agnes Resker.

22/10/17: The Proposal by Anton Chekhov – I read the stage directions.

03/12/17: Endymion – A Poetic Romance by John Keats – I play Chorus, Voice, Voices, Muses, Seasons and Hours