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26/06/16: The Constant Couple by George Farquhar – I play Tom Errand’s wife.

16/09/16: Rilla of Ingleside by Lucy Maud Montgomery – I played multiple roles in this: Bruce Meredith, Bessie Clow, Sarah Clow, and Mrs. Dean Crawford. | sample

21/09/16: The Witch of Edmonton by Thomas Dekker, William Rowley, and John Ford – I played the 3rd Countryman and the 3rd Clown.

27/10/16: Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott – I played Mamie Peters and Horace.

25/11/16: The Story of the Armada by Amice MacDonell – I played the 1st Conspirator.

01/01/17: A Kiss for Cinderella by J. M. Barrie – I played Gladys and Ellen.

21/01/17: Little Dramas for Primary Grades by Ada M. Skinner and Lillian Nixon Lawrence – I played Bunny Rabbit, Bird, Fox, Gretchen, Lady Moon, Magpie, Violet, Boastful Bamboo, Sparrow, and Lion. | sample

02/02/17: Sir Harry Wildair by George Farquhar – I played Parly, a maid. | sample

07/02/17: The Bourgeois Gentleman by Molièr – I played The Music Master. | sample

27/02/17: Catherine Howard by Alexandre Dumas – I played Princess Margaret, sister to the King.

27/02/17: All For Love; or, The World Well Lost by John Dryden – I played Charmion, servant to Cleopatra.

02/03/17: The Knight of the Burning Pestle by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher – I played the Tapster and the 2nd Soldier.

02/03/17: Dramatised Bible Stories of the Old Testament King James Version – I played the Children of Belial.

07/03/17: One Act Play Collection 009 – I played Mrs. Edward Bradley in ‘The Fatal Message’ and Jennie in ‘A Dramatic Evening’.

19/03/17: The Magistrate by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Charlotte Verrinder. | sample

20/03/17: Rainbow Valley by Lucy Maud Montgomery – I play Aunt Martha, Rosemary West, and Choir Member 1. | sample

27/03/17: Secresy, or, the Ruin on the Rock by Eliza Fenwick – I play Janetta Laundy. | sample

07/04/17: Rainy Week by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott – I play Victoria Meredith. | sample

07/05/17: The Columbian Orator by Caleb Bingham – I play Francisco.

09/05/17: The School for Husbands by Moliere – I play Leonor. | sample

23/05/17: The School for Wives by Moliere – I play Agnes. | sample

28/05/17: The Broken Heart by John Ford – I play Philema.

31/05/17: The Castle Spectre by Matthew Lewis – I play Angela.

07/06/17: The String of Pearls by Unknown – I play the Lapidary, Maiden, Stranger, and Messenger

07/06/17: Quality Street by J. M. Barrie – I play Susan Throssel, sister to Phoebe.| sample

10/06/17: The Family of Love by Thomas Middleton – I play Mistress Purge.

18/06/17: Paul Jones by Alexandre Dumas – I played Margaret. | sample

18/06/17: The Inconstant by George Farquhar – I play Oriana. | sample

23/06/17: The Far-Away Princess by Hermann Sudermann – I play Liddy.

24/06/17: The Princess Zoubaroff by Ronald Firbank – I play Glyda Rocktower.

07/07/17: The Impromptu of Versailles by Moliere – I play Madamoiselle Herve, a conceited chambermaid.

20/07/17: The Phoenix and The Carpet by E. Nesbit – I play Miss Peasmarsh, Crowd, Islander, and Miss Selina.

23/07/17: The Schoolmistress by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Dinah.

29/07/17: The Misanthrope by Moliere – I play Celimene. | sample 1 | sample 2

18/09/17: Ben Hur by Lew Wallace – I play the Roman Neighbour and Caius.

20/09/17: Lysistrata by Aristophanes – I play Calonicé and the First Woman.| sample

21/09/17: Oroonoko by Thomas Southerne – I play Widow Lackitt.| sample

22/09/17: Mademoiselle de Belle Isle by Alexandre Dumas – I play Mariette, a maid. | sample

29/09/17: Dandy Dick by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Salome. | sample

06/10/17: The Physician in Spite of Himself by Moliere – I play Lucinde. | sample

05/11/17: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens – I play a Citizen.

15/11/17: The Second Mrs Tanqueray by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Ellean Tanqueray.

25/11/17: Love and a Bottle by George Farquhar – I play Lucinda, a Lady of considerable Fortune.

29/11/17: The Enterprise of the Mayflower by Amice Macdonnell – I play Mistress Mary Brewster.

09/12/17: Caliban by the Yellow Sands by Percy Mackaye – I play Death, Mrs. Ford, The Boy, Eros, and Jacques.

23/12/17: Little Men by Louisa May Alcott – I play one of the lead characters, Emil.

03/01/18: What Katy Did at School by Susan Coolidge – I play Alice Gibbons and Annie Silsbie.

06/01/18: Love is the Best Doctor by Moliere – I play Lucretia, Sganarelle’s niece.

19/01/18: Short Plays from Dickens by Horace Baker Browne – I play James in ‘Mrs. Tibbs’ Boarding House’, Mrs. Malderton in ‘Horatio Sparkins’, Mrs. Rudge in ‘The Stranger’s Visit’, Gashford in ‘The Great Protestant Association’, Miss Chuzzlewit in ‘Mr. Pecksniff’s Pleasant Family Party’, David Copperfield in ‘Mr. Micawber’s Prospects, and Mrs. Snagsby in ‘Mrs. Snagsby’s Guests’.

06/02/18: Three Dialogues by Barry Pain – I play Anna.

07/02/18: La Bohème by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica – I play Chorus Member 2.

14/02/18: One Act Play Collection 10: The Belles of Canterbury by Anna Bird Stewart – I play a Senior.

04/03/18: Modern Monologues by Marjorie Benton Cooke – I play Juliet in ‘When Shades Assemble’.

18/03/18: The Cabinet Minister by Arthur Wing Pinero – I play Imogen.

18/03/18: Orra: A Tragedy in Five Acts by Joanna Baillie – I play Alice.

26/03/18: The Bores by Moliere – I play the Naiad.

05/04/18: Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott – I play Alice Heath.

11/04/18: The Blunderer by Moliere – I play Lelio.

24/04/18: If I Had a Father by George MacDonald – I play Warren.


10/03/16: Miscellaneous Poems by James Russell Lowell – I read ‘On the Death of a Friend’s Child’, a very sad yet hopeful poem. | sample

18/04/16: Shakespeare Monologues Collection Vol.12 by William Shakespeare – I performed 2 monologues from Hamlet: Hamlet’s ‘O what a rogue and peasant slave am I’ and Ophelia’s ‘O my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted’.

14/05/16: Stories of Troubled Marriages by Ella Darcy – I read ‘A Poor Stick’ by Arthur Morrison. | sample

30/06/16: Einige Gedichte by Friedrich Schiller – I read ‘Das Geheimnis’, or ‘The Secret’. | sample

08/07/16: Shakespeare Monologues Collection Vol.13 by William Shakespeare – I contributed 3 monologues from Hamlet: Hamlet’s ‘O, that this too too solid flesh would melt’, Hamlet’s ‘Now might I do it pat, now he is praying’, and Claudius’ ‘O my offence is rank, it smells to heaven’.

12/04/17: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 2 (Part 2) by Various

14/05/17: The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 1 (Part 1) by Various

31/05/17: The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 1 (Part 2) by Various

28/07/17: The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 5 (Part 1) by Various

13/08/17: Leonorenlieder by Johann Christian Günther | sample

13/09/17: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 5 (Part 2) by Various

14/11/17: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 6 (Part 1) by Various

06/03/18: The World’s Best Poetry: Volume 6 (Part 2) by Various

20/04/16: Twelve Angry Pigs by Wade Bradford – I played Pig #6.

30/04/16: St. Valentine’s Day by Annie Elliot – I narrated the stage directions. | sample

06/05/16: Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg – I narrated the stage directions. | sample

04/07/16: Q – A Farce by Stephen Leacock and Basil Hastings – I narrated the stage directions. | sample

19/09/16: Fourth Act by Basil Macdonald Hastings – I played one of Philip’s Boys.

23/09/16: In Merry Mexico by Stephen Leacock – I played the Assistant.

14/11/16: King Arthur’s Socks by Floyd Dell – I played Mary, a housemaid. | sample

03/12/16: The Gentle Art of Christmas Giving by Joyce Kilmer – I played the Infant.

04/12/16: Love’s Labours Lost by William Shakespeare – I played Boy/Moth, Armado’s page, and also sing the Final Song: Winter. | sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3 | sample 4

11/12/16: As You Like It by William Shakespeare – I played Amiens, a lord. | sample 1 | sample 2

24/02/17: Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare – I sing ‘Pardon, Goddess of the Night’. | sample

12/06/17: Tobermory by Saki – I play Miss Agnes Resker.

22/10/17: The Proposal by Anton Chekhov – I read the stage directions.

03/12/17: Endymion – A Poetic Romance by John Keats – I play Chorus, Voice, Voices, Muses, Seasons and Hours

23/01/18: Boris Gudonov by Aleksander Puskin – I play Ksenia.

23/04/18: A Dialogue in Fiesole by Alfred Austin – I play She.