professional recordings


14/09/16: Pansy and Violet Meet the Dragons by Maggie Jeffrey – a fun listen for children aged 5-7! This is book 3 of the Colour Fairies series.

20/09/16: The Colour with No Fairy by Maggie Jeffrey – book 2 of the Colour Fairies series

28/09/16: Ziggy’s Prime by Claire Lamont – A poem to David Bowie.

11/10/16: Insecurity Cure by Mark Hamman – A self-help book on handling insecurity within relationships.

03/11/16: Where did Hallowe’en Come From? by Maggie Jeffrey – book 7 of the Colour Fairies series.

10/11/16: Just Like In the Movies by M. B. Feeney – a short holiday romance.

15/11/16: Godfather Drosselmeyer by Hiram Bertoch – a twist on the popular Nutcracker tale.

13/02/17: The Mystery of the Pink by Maggie Jeffrey – book 4 of the Colour Fairies series.

01/05/17: The Colour Fairies Meet the Pixies by Maggie Jeffrey – book 5 of the Colour Fairies series

04/05/17: Sappho: A New Rendering by Sappho – a collection of poetry.

05/06/17: Wheel of Fire by Daniel Jeffries – book 1 of The Jasmine Wars.

03/07/17: Feign: A Poetic Collection (Volume 1) by T. L. Curtis – a poetry collection.

04/07/17: Game of Thrones: Prophecies and Dreams by CraftWrite Publishing – book 2 of the ‘Game of Thrones: Mysteries and Lore’ series.

07/07/17: Through the Darkening Sky by Daniel Jeffries – book 2 of The Jasmine Wars.

11/07/17: Play of Light by Debra Doxer

28/07/17: Frosted Blood by Larry Pellitteri

02/08/17: Game of Thrones: The Book of White Walkers by CraftWrite Publishing

04/08/17: Threads of Silk by Amanda Roberts

22/08/17: The Moor and His Crusader by Reina Donovan


28/04/16: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – I play Caroline.

21/07/16: The Great Gerardo by Frank Wedekind – I play the Bell Boy.

22/07/16: Danny MacIntyre Meets the Molecule by Mike Murphy – In this radio play, I play a water molecule (yes, you read that right), who boasts about being in major water-related events.

01/09/16: Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde – I play Lady Jedburgh.

24/09/16: Four Short Plays by August Strindberg – I play Mrs. X in ‘The Stronger Woman’ (sample 1 | sample 2), Lise in ‘Motherly Love’ (sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3), and provide guitar accompaniment in ‘Simoon’.

12/10/16: Like by Mike Murphy – a fun radio play about the consequences of meeting people from the internet. I play Henrietta.

27/12/16: A Protégée of the Mistress by Alexander Ostrovsky – I play Liza.

01/01/17: How Melvin Saved Christmas by Mike Murphy – I play the Attendant.

07/01/17: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka – I narrated this novella.

31/01/17: Mrs. Dot by W. Somerset Maugham – I play the main character, Mrs. Dot.

10/02/17: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – I play the Duchess and the Mouse. | sample 1 | sample 2

19/03/17: The Reading Chamber by Glenn Hascall – I play Girl.

22/03/17: Hippolytus by Euripides – I play part of the Chorus.

07/04/17: A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde – I play Alice.

11/04/17: The Forever Pill by Mike Murphy – I play the Clerk.

22/04/17: Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich by Stephen Leacock – I play Dulphemia and Juliana Furlong.

08/05/17: The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov – I play Dunyasha, a maid. | sample

12/05/17: Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov – I narrated this play.

07/06/17: Five Children and It by E. Nesbit – I play Jessie, Zilla, and Girl.

28/07/17: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – I play Lydia Bennett. | sample

31/07/17: The Phoenix and The Carpet by E. Nesbit – I play Eliza, Miss Peasmarsh, Crowd Voice, and Islander.

07/08/17: The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov – I play Natalia Ivanova, the wife of the main character, Andrei. | sample

09/10/17: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – I play Hortense, Miss Kate, Miss Lamb, Maid, and Girl. | sample

10/10/17: Four Plays by Oscar Wilde – I play Lady Jedburgh in Lady Windermere’s Fan; Lady Basildon in An Ideal Husband; and Alice in A Woman of No Importance. sample

13/10/17: The Seagull by Anton Chekhov – I play Masha. | sample

27/10/17: The League of Youth by Henrik Ibsen – I play a Maidservant.

30/10/17: The Bench by Glenn Hascall – I play Natalie.

21/11/17: The Time is Not Yet Ripe by Louis Esson – I play Miss Perkins.

07/11/17: A Christmas Collection by Mike Murphy – I play Boy in I’m Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas.

30/11/17: The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit – I play The Amulet.

04/12/17: December Twine by Glenn Hascall – I play the Radio Announcer.

04/12/17: A Radio Play Collection by Mike Murphy – I play a water molecule in ‘Danny MacIntyre Meets the Molecule’ and the Clerk in ‘The Forever Pill’.

16/12/17: Emma by Jane Austen – I play Augusta Elton, Mrs. Cole.

02/01/18: The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde – I played Match-Girl in The Happy Prince, Child 2 in The Selfish Giant, and Princess in The Remarkable Rocket.

26/01/18: Five Plays by Anton Chekhov – a compilation of Chekhov plays. I play Masha in ‘The Seagull’, Dunyasha in ‘The Cherry Orchard’, Natalia in ‘The Three Sisters’, and narrate ‘Uncle Vanya’.

22/02/18: Olivia’s Swing by Mike Murphy – I play Olivia, a child.

28/03/18: Endymion by John Keats – I play the Chorus, Voices, and the Season and Hours.

13/04/18: Earth Spirit by Frank Wedekind – I play the Countess Geschwitz, lover to the main character.

15/05/18: Pandora’s Box by Frank Wedekind – I reprise my role as the Countess Geschwitz, lover to the main character.