‘The Phoenix and the Carpet’ by E. Nesbit

Cyril, Robert, Anthea and Jane need a new carpet for the nursery, but it turns out to be a magic carpet containing a phoenix egg! They discover how to hatch the egg, but a magical creature with a big ego and a wishing carpet that can read but not talk leads straight to another hilarious […]

‘The Three Sisters’ by Anton Chekhov

The Three Sisters is Anton Chekhov’s 1901 play about the Prosorov family, who are stuck in a provincial Russian town. The sisters – Olga, Masha, and Irina – fantasize about one day returning to Moscow. Meanwhile, their brother Andrey courts village girl Natasha, and the family socializes with the soldiers stationed nearby. Dreams, longing, and illicit […]

‘Threads of Silk’ by Amanda Roberts

Ever since I did The Jasmine Wars, I’ve been wanting to return to fiction set in China, so I’m excited to announce my latest release, Threads of Silk. I loved Amanda Roberts’ beautiful writing, and got a thorough (yet interesting!) education of what happened during the last Chinese dynasty. Listen to a sample here. Born […]

‘The Phoenix and The Carpet’ by E. Nesbit

In The Phoenix and the Carpet, five adventurous children are given a carpet that, unknown by their parents, contains a magic egg that hatches into a phoenix. A series of escapades ensues, some amusing, others dangerous, and all of which are entertaining. I play Eliza, Miss Peasmarsh, Crowd Voice, and Islander. The Phoenix and The Carpet by […]

‘The Misanthrope’ by Moliere

Alceste, the misanthrope, hates everyone including himself. But unlike in many pure farces with their cliche stock characters, the characters here are much more well rounded, and who knows – Alceste might actually grow and change throughout the play. “Those who admired noble thoughts, select language, accurate deliniations of character, and a perfect and entertaining […]