‘Endymion’ by John Keats

Endymion is the largest work by John Keats and was composed between April and November 1817.  It was published in April 1818,  and the initial critical reception was almost universally hostile. The plot is built around the ancient Greek legend of Endymion, the young shepherd whose beauty was such that the goddess of the Moon […]

‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov

Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov has decided to propose to Natalya Stepanovna, the daughter of his neightbour, Chubukov.   He promptly receives the father’s blessing, but will he be able to gain the daughter’s consent? I read the stage directions. The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Online Stage has its own Archive page!

The Online Stage, of which I am a member, now has its own dedicated Archive page after reaching 50 productions on Archive.org! I’m part of 11 of said productions (view the list here), with more on Audible. We are a group of approximately 60 people who work together to create quality audiodramas and audiobooks. Here’s to […]

‘Love’s Labours Lost’ by William Shakespeare

I’ve been waiting so excitedly to announce this, and it’s finally here: William Shakespeare’s comedy, ‘Love’s Labours Lost’! I play Moth, sometimes known as just Boy, Armado’s witty page, and I sing two songs – ‘Concolinel’, and also the Final Song, ‘Winter’. I appear in a few scenes, but I’ve picked out my favourites: one in […]