The Online Stage has its own Archive page!

The Online Stage, of which I am a member, now has its own dedicated Archive page after reaching 50 productions on! I’m part of 11 of said productions (view the list here), with more on Audible. We are a group of approximately 60 people who work together to create quality audiodramas and audiobooks. Here’s to […]

‘Love’s Labours Lost’ by William Shakespeare

I’ve been waiting so excitedly to announce this, and it’s finally here: William Shakespeare’s comedy, ‘Love’s Labours Lost’! I play Moth, sometimes known as just Boy, Armado’s witty page, and I sing two songs – ‘Concolinel’, and also the Final Song, ‘Winter’. I appear in a few scenes, but I’ve picked out my favourites: one in […]

‘The Gentle Art of Christmas Giving’ by Joyce Kilmer

Perfect for the Christmas season! Joyce Kilmer’s ‘The Gentle Art of Christmas Giving’ is “a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek commentary on our proclivities toward gift giving and how we can give, in a more pleasing way, to our loved ones”. I play a small role, the Infant. The Gentle Art of Christmas Giving by Joyce Kilmer