‘A Woman of No Importance’ by Oscar Wilde

The fourth and final installment in The Online Stage’s Oscar Wilde season is now on Audible. A Woman of No Importance takes place in a 24-hour period during a house party hosted by Lady Hunstanton at her country estate. The upper echelons of English society mix, mingle and flirt, including Lady Caroline Pontefract (who is on […]

‘Hippolytus’ by Euripides

I’m happy to present the first version of Hippolytus ever to appear on the Audible catalogue! I was part of the Chorus. This version was translated by Bob Gonzalez, and here’s the synopsis: Hippolytus, bastard son of Theseus and the Amazon Hippolyta, has sworn chaste allegiance to the goddess Artemis, thus severely offending the goddess […]

‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka

My latest release is a charity project, of which I was the narrator. If you read the blurb below, you’ll find it’s a very dark and disturbing tale indeed! All proceeds for this project will be going to the Kaleidoscope Trust, a charity supporting LGBT+ people and their rights. For a sample, click here. Gregor […]